Mobile FAQ We hope you feel supported

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iOS General - Supported devices

Our supported devices are:

• iPhone 4S and up

• iPod Touch 5th gen and up

• iPad 2nd gen and up

• iPad Mini 1st gen and up

iOS General - It's too hard

We thought we created a good amount of easy levels, medium
levels, and hard levels. Based on complaints, it turns out we
perhaps made the game very hard. However, we can say that if you
practice and learn the levels, most of them can be beaten
consistently. We also tried to design the traps to be fun, so even
if you lose, you enjoy yourself.

You can
learn tips and tricks here.

iOS General - Wireless controller key mapping

Wireless controllers are not currently supported. In previous versions, some Bluetooth devices were supported.

Key mapping when on a vehicle:


Key mapping when ejected:


iOS General - Customizing controls

Controls cannot currently be customized, but if this is
something you'd like, please start a discussion or comment on a
discussion about this topic.

iOS General - Character/object flew through wall

Update 1.0.2 features better physics and you should see
this happen much less

Sometimes in the game a strong force may blast your character
(or a part of your character) through a wall. In physics simulation
this is know as "tunneling." Update 1.0.2 improves the physics so
this should be less likely. This update can be expected in the next
few weeks.

iOS General - Too much blood

You can reduce the amount of blood particles in the settings.
However, this will not prevent your character from breaking apart
and showing visible injury.

iOS General - What does "restore purchases" mean?

If a user makes a purchase and then deletes the app or performs
a master reset, that purchase appears to be gone. However, they can
use the restore purchases button to get that purchase back without
getting charged. This button appears for all users regardless of
whether or not they have made any purchases. Pressing it will never
cause the user to be charged anything.

iOS General - The levels don't unlock

All the currently available levels are represented by a number
or a lock icon. If you see "Coming soon" or "Coming later", none of
that chapter is available yet. However, if you beat all of Business
Guy's levels, you'll unlock one "All Characters Level". That is
currently the only content that can be unlocked. If you beat 1-5 of
Irresponsible Dad's levels, nothing unlocks, but we hope you feel a
strong sense of pride.

Making new content has been a painfully slow process for us, but
we're in the process of completing that chapter and subsequent

If you like, you can create your own levels in the editor and
then send them directly to friends through email or iMessage.

iOS General - The kid is indestructible

We were required by Apple to remove injury to the kid as it
violated one of their store policies. A more in-depth read on the
matter can be found "">here.

Android - Where is the Android version?

The Android version was released in January 2020.

Android - Where is the level editor on Android?

We haven't finished it yet, but we plan on adding it in 2020.

Android - In Android, the mascot died. What can I do?

Try tapping on him. Make sure you're got an internet connection and are not running any ad blockers.

Android - In Android how do I opt out of ad tracking?

Go to Settings > Privacy > Advanced > Ads and toggle on Opt out of Ads Personalization.

Android - In Android, how do I opt out of analytics ("send feedback")?

To turn off analytics, in the Happy Wheels app, go to Options (the gear icon on the start menu) > Advanced Options > and set "send feedback" to "off". You must then confirm by presing "Don't send.

Android - In Android, my notch/camera/buttons are getting in the way of my UI?

From the main menu of Happy Wheels, tap the gear icon (options menu) and then tap "advanced options" and then tap "notch size: none" so that it reads ""notch size: small" or ""notch size: large".

Android - In Android, I want the special button on the other side?

You can override the special button so that it appears on your preferred side. However, this will override the position for all characters. To do this, go the options > advanced options > and tap "override special side"

iOS Known Issues - Bluetooth pop-ups keep appearing!

The bluetooth pop-ups seemed to be related with our banner ads, which we do not control. We have looked into it and believe it is fixed. If you still experience these kinds of popups, please try one of the following solutions:

1.) Temporarily turn on bluetooth while you play Happy Wheels.
You can easily do this from control center. Swipe up from the
bottom of the screen to access control center and tape on the
Bluetooth icon to turn it on. Because you are not actually
connecting to any Bluetooth devices, you, this will not have a
noticeable impact on your battery performance.


2.) Remove ads with an In-App Purchase of $1.99 (USD).

3.) Endure the annoying popups until we resolve the issue (we do
not know when this will happen).

Sorry for the inconvenience!

iOS Known Issues - Update 1.0.1 crashes (won't open)

This bug has been fixed in version 1.0.2. "">Please upgrade to this

There was a known bug in update 1.0.1 which was affecting many
users. The user would see the start up screen, but the the app
would quit (crash). We fixed the bug and a new version, 1.0.2, is
available. However, if you continue to experience issues, you can
delete the app and then reinstall it. Warning: you will
lose all game progress and user created levels.
If you
choose to do this and you have purchased "Remove Ads", you can
restore your purchase without being charged by tapping "restore
purchases" in the options menu or pause menu.

We're really sorry to everyone effected by this bug and we hope
the update is available quickly. Thanks for your patience.

iOS Known Issues - Graphics glitches ("can't see ground", "weird shapes coming off character", "blue shapes")


This bug tends to happen older devices which we do not support
and on newer devices that have not been upgraded to iOS 7 or

Our supported devices are:

• iPhone 4S and up

• iPod Touch 5th gen and up

• iPad 2nd gen and up

• iPad Mini 1st gen and up

If we support your device and you are experiencing this issue,
we recommend you update your device to a newer version of iOS. If
your device is not support, we're sorry.

iOS Known Issues - Gameplay crashes

Sometimes during gameplay, the game may crash. We are looking
into what causes this. It's most frequently associated with your
character getting crushed, exploded, or being stabbed by spikes or
harpoons and arrows. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

iOS Known Issues - Explosions appear as black boxes


This bug tends to happen older devices which we do not support
and on newer devices that have not been upgraded to iOS 7 or

Our supported devices are:

• iPhone 4S and up

• iPod Touch 5th gen and up

• iPad 2nd gen and up

• iPad Mini 1st gen and up

If we support your device and you are experiencing this issue,
we recommend you update your device to a newer version of iOS. If
your device is not support, we're sorry.

iOS Known Issues - Business guy gets stuck on platforms


This can happen if Business Guy jumps at the wrong moment. If
this happens to you repeatedly, try to avoid jumping and allow the
spring platform or boost panel to move you past the platform. If
you're currently stuck, all you can do is reset your level. We're

iOS Known Issues - Sleeping objects behave differently than Flash version

Happy Wheels iOS uses a version of the physics engine Box2D
which has been updated since the release of the original Flash
game. Sleeping bodies behave quite differently. In Flash, bodies
must contact each other to wake from sleep. However, In iOS if two
bodies can collide, only the bodies’ bounding boxes only need
to overlap. A bounding box is basically a rectangle that encloses
your object. A bounding box can be much larger than an object's
actual shape, depending on the object's angle.



iOS Known Issues - Spikes hit area is slight too big

The spikes hit area actually extends a bit past the last spike
on one side. This can cause confusion for players who seem to have
narrowly escaped the spikes, but still got stabbed. We're sorry for
any frustration this has caused.


iOS Known Issues - Why do I see black bars?

We haven't yet added support for iPhone X and up screens. We're working on updating our code base to add support for more modern devices.

iOS Editor - Editor crashes ("exits to home screen")

Some users experience crashes in the editor (it exits to the
home screen). We're working to resolve these bugs. One known issue
is related to blade weapons. If you keep experiencing crashes,
first try avoiding blade weapons.

Another crash is related to attempting to share a level before
saving it. This will cause a crash.

Both of these issues will be fixed in update 1.0.2, coming in
the next few weeks. If you experience other crashes, please start a

iOS Editor - Levels don't save

We're very sorry if your level fails to save. This is a known
issue and it has been fixed in update 1.0.1 which should be
available soon.

iOS Editor - Business Guy gets stuck in example level

If Business Guy gets stuck on the example level, just select the
character and move him up a bit. This level was meant only to
demonstrate some of the objects that can be placed in your

iOS Editor - Sharing Levels

You can share levels created in the editor through email or
iMessages. When you're done testing your level, click the menu
button (upper left corner of the editor), and select "share level".
Select email or iMessages and then fill out the email or iMessage
pop up.

Your friend will receive a message with a .happywheels file and
a message containing a link to the App Store in case they do not
already have Happy Wheels downloaded. When they tap on the file,
they may see what looks like a bunch of code. They should then tap
the button in the lower left corner that looks like this:


If they have Happy Wheels installed, they should be able to open
the file in Happy Wheels.


Development - Next update

Update 1.0.3, released date Dec. 9th features
the following:

• 5 Levels added for Irresponsible Dad

• Link to support site added to the info menu

• Bottles have been added to the editor

• Fixed collision values in shapes in the editor

• Fixed an issue which caused jets to fire for twice as long
as intended

• Minor bug fixes

Update 1.0.2, released date Sept. 12th features
the following:

•Fixes a bug that caused a crash upon startup for some

Update 1.0.1, released date Sept. 11th features
the following:

• You can play Happy Wheels while you listen to your

• Wireless controller support during gameplay (menu control
coming later)

• The special button's (jump for Business Guy) hit area is
slightly larger.

• Opening a .happywheels file imports that level. It can then
be played/deleted from the load level menu in the editor. You no
longer have to search through emails or iMessages to find a level
you were sent.

• Better physics (fewer objects going through walls)

• Blue loading screen displays for shorter period of

• Minor bugs/tweaks.

• Fixed some shameful typos.

• Fixed an issue which could prevent saving levels in the

• Fixed an issue which could cause app size to bloat when
repeatedly opening .happywheels files.

• Bug fix related to using blades in the editor.

• Bug fix related to sharing a level in editor before

• When you share a level that forces a single character, you
can no longer change characters during gameplay.

Development - More characters/levels

With update 1.0.3, 5 levels were added for Irresponsible Dad.
We're developing more content and working on ways to get updates
out more quickly.

Development - Level browser

Our plan is to add a level browser where you can play and rate
user-made levels. We do not yet have a timeframe for this release,
but we will continue to update and improve the game with new
content and features.

Development - When?!?

After massively underestimating the amount of time it would take
to release Happy Wheels for iOS, we made it our informal policy to
only speak vaguely as to when an update can be expected. This
frustrates everyone slightly, but less so than when we miss a
deadline by 100 years.